Sachtler ACTIVE

Nýja aktiv „fluid head“ vörulínan frá Sachtler vekur athygli fyrir hversu auðvelt að koma hausnum fyrir við ólíkar aðstæður og um leið fljótlegt að still hann af.


Built for Speed – Unique aktiv features that make fast even faster



Unique SpeedLevel™ technology

Release, level, and lock your head tightly into the perfect position without missing a second of action.


Innovative streamlined mounting system

With no bowl clamp required, aktiv™ heads allow flowtech® tripods to go flat to the ground for the perfect low-angle shot.


It’s great for levelling when the tripod is at full height and you are looking from below, with other fluid heads you can only check the level from above, but aktiv also shows the level from the side. Or, if you are interviewing someone, you can set the tripod high to their eye-level and you can check the shot is level from behind the camera – that’s a real timesaver

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